Manual Therapies

Manual therapy is a broad term that simply means your clinician will use his or her hands on specific areas of your body to help facilitate muscular activation or inhibit excessive muscular tension. This can help many patients find the immediate relief and is beneficial when paired with proper home exercise.


Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) is a neurodevelopmental rehabilitation model which began in the Czech Republic. As taught by Dr. Pavel Kolar and others from the Prague School of Rehabilitation, we use DNS methods to address and influence movement patterns to support healing, recovery and prevention of injuries.  



Exercise Recommendations

Our KLC and CIHP staff members are uniquely trained to identify the right home exercises for you. The goal is to give you, the individual patient, safe ways to move your body to gradually reeducate your locomotor system to get and keep you free of pain.



Acupuncture has been a proven intervention in cases of pain and dysfunction for thousands of years. Recently, the Westernized systems of testing through randomized controlled trials are supporting the efficacy of these treatments too.







Just for You

From injury rehabilitation to elite performance training, we create individualized programs for each client. Are you ready to discover your specific needs and start a program to meet your goals? 


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