Our purpose is to identify the needs of people who want to improve their health, pain, and/or performance. At CIHP, we assess to help you discover what you can do to live better, have less pain and perform better. We believe everyone can choose to change his or her life. We see it happen every day.

Our distinctive assessments of movements, lifestyle, and individual needs versus focus on the conditions, pain or sport makes our approach unique. The outcome of the assessments is treatment and training with an emphasis on prevention and individual needs versus the latest trends. Teaching individuals about health, pain and performance is essential to our program. It is a simple formula: more knowledge about health equals better health, less pain and more resilience. As a result you are capable of responding to stress versus reacting. We prepare you to look two to three plays ahead of problems related to your health and performance. 






Assess • Educate • Treat • Train