Our consulting service to teams and organizations is an extension of our model that is distinctive in the area of performance.  We are unique in that no group has our broad base of knowledge across sports medicine, nutrition and high performance training.

John Mozeliak, general manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, explains precisely what makes CIHP the ideal partner for any sports organization.

"As a client and business partner, CIHP offers so much more than just a gym. As a business, they are innovative and cutting edge, using tailored disciplines for each individual. CIHP has four pillars for success: body alignment, diet, strength training, and supplements. Dr. Skaggs and his staff will help any individual navigate through all of this, so each client has a structured program to optimize their success. Many people talk about diets and workouts. Here they focus on life style changes that will not only benefit you for today, but also for the rest of your life."


Teams and Organizations:

2011 World Champion St. Louis Cardinals

2012 St. Louis Cardinals


Superior science and coaching help prep stars to professional athletes to weekend warriors reach goals they thought were impossible.


From rehabilitation to improving performance, the Karel Lewit Clinic is a leading provider of world class physical medicine.