I was facing a second back surgery and experiencing severe pain. Through treatment, ongoing strength training and lifestyle changes the doctors, therapists and CIHP staff have enabled me to avoid surgery and continue to grow stronger. I am extremely grateful to be a part of the CIHP Team.
Angela Rogers , Wife and Mother
CIHP has been a godsend. Clayton and his team develop a unique program for each client, and they constantly update the program to take account of the client’s needs and goals. CIHP has had a major impact on my health and well-being.
Tom Stillman , Chairman and CEO St. Louis Blues Hockey Organization
CIHP's attention to detail to my training and overall health is unmatched. Their approach has given me an edge on and off the field. They are impacting my game now and my life for years to come.
Matt Carpenter , MLB All-Star
I want to thank Clayton Skaggs and his working group for their professionalism and the way they work. When I became part of their program at CIHP in St. Louis I realized all the ways they can help their clients acheive their goals in the short and long term. I witnessed the excellent work that they have done for me and the ones that they can do for you.
Carlos Beltran , MLB All-Star
I thought I knew a lot about diet and nutrition. These guys take it to a whole new level. Three other members of my family are now training at CIHP.
Paula Bobak , CIHP Executive Client
Many people talk about diets and workouts. Here they focus on life style changes that will not only benefit you for today, but also for the rest of your life.
John Mozeliak , General Manager, St. Louis Cardinals
Without CIHP, I'm sure I'd be less healthy, in more pain and would be more debilitated. They also have helped me cope with the stresses of an intense job.
Dave Peacock , President, Anheiser-Busch InBev
My overall experience at CIHP has been comforting due to the fact that I know I'm giving myself the best chance possible of getting my God given talent to come through.
Matt Holliday , Major League Baseball Player
The trainers' professionalism, knowledge and dedication to continued education, commitment to excellence and integrity is evident throughout the CIHP facility.
Suzie Fox , Triathelete, Mother of Three
From the first time I walked into CIHP, I knew I was headed in the right direction. I am truly fortunate to be a part of CIHP. Without it, I don't know where I would be.
David Freese , Major League Baseball Player
I've been working with Dr. Skaggs and the CIHP staff for four years now, and have seen my career go to another level. The training staff is the absolute best.
Steven Jackson , NFL Player
As a client and business partner, CIHP offers so much more than just a gym. They are innovative and cutting edge, using tailored disciplines for each individual.
John Mozeliak , General Manager, St. Louis Cardinals
My experience with Dr. Skaggs and the CIHP team has been the absolute best. His expertise in analyzing your body's weaknesses and turning them into strengths has tremendously improved my performance.
Mike Karney , NFL Football Player
I was injured and very unbalanced in my body. All of this was hindering my performance and could have potentially been fatal to my career. I am now excelling at my job.
Jason Smith , NFL Football Player, #1 NFL Draft Pick 2010
I have put my body through a tremendous war each year. CIHP has been there to help me put it back together.
Chris Pronger , NHL Player and Champion
Dr. Skaggs has given me knowledge about the body that has helped me turn my weakness into strengths. There's no better way than the CIHP way.
Steven Jackson , NFL Player
Dr. Skaggs has helped eliminate many of the aches and pains of training and performing at a very high level. His expertise is as good as I've ever been around.
Matt Holliday , Major League Baseball Player